Monday, 24 October 2016

Still more ballast and a a couple of questions.

I found out today that it takes ten minutes to ballast a point. I did three of them. There are two more and a couple of lengths of track to do. The plain track is much quicker as there is less care needed. You don't accidentally glue the point blades together.

I showed a mate from work my effort and talked about the fifteen minute philosophy. He thought that  it was a good idea as it made you take a break to do something that you want to do.

Yesterday, I tried to spray paint the car card boxes, the little shelf and the throttle holder. The results were terrible. The paint didn't soak into the wood or the MDF and too much went onto the throttle holder. As it was enamel, I don't feel confident to paint over it using acrylic paints that I have. I reckon I might have to try this again. The throttle holder could probably do with just a light sand and another coat of paint as this is made of plastic.

The static grass arrived today but being a bit of a chump, I didn't have the right batteries for the static grass applicator. 

As the layout is coming along nicely at one end, my thoughts are going to the other. However, one question I have is where can I put a swagman. Every billabong needs a jolly swagman camping in he shade of a coolabah tree. One thought is here:

However, this is in front of my oil depot which should look a bit like this:

The two tanks are acting as a visual block to hide an incredibly short siding.

Another question is what should I do here?

The point on the top left is actually for a siding on the main layout. Once this has been hooked up and tested it will be ballasted. The plywood on the right will be a concrete surface and a fishery for loading the catch of the day into TRC and MRC vans for the Sydney fish markets. the plywood sidings on the left are awaiting cobblestones. 

The siding on the top right was to be a bakery so that I could justify a BWH which would add a a little variety to the stock. One possibility is to extend the siding onto the main layout as the station going here will be a good 20 cm above the track. I could make it a warehouse of sorts. 

Having said that, the curve at the top of the top of the image should be set in cobblestones. I have thought of having warehouse frontage on this section too with the trains running through the warehouse. This would create a scenic break. The Walthers modular building kits would be perfect for this but I don't think that they are made any more. 

There may be plenty of 15 minutes coming up toying with ideas. In the meantime I want to continue with the cobblestones that I know I want, apply some static grass, weather the jetties and the pontoon,  finish the dairy, finish the fish and chip shop. These will keep me busy while I think about the other bits. 

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