Sunday, 16 October 2016

A Second of My Life

It's been a week of my fifteen minutes a day on the layout challenge. 

One thing that I have learnt is that 15 minutes isn't long but it can grow to more time sometimes. Everything seems to take longer than I think it will. Having goals for the next day is a good idea. Planning two or three days a head can be efficient but sometimes tasks are put on hold to get more stuff. 

And, when stamping out cobblestones, each on is a second of my life. I'm hoping that I still have more seconds than I need. 

I still have plenty to stamp out. I got this idea from Model Rail's Chris Nevard. I coated the plywood with PVA and put Das modelling clay on top. I then use some brass square tubing to pressing the stones. It was used to good effect on Nevard's Brew House Quay. 

The local climate wasn't conducive to airbrushing outside on Saturday so I worked on the station building instead. 
This is now ready for assembly this week. 

I would have posted this yesterday but the Blogger app keeps crashing on my phone. 

Today's work was to airbrush the stairs and jetties and fish and chip kiosk. I also painted the pontoon for the passenger ferry and some balsa for the bollards or piles (those poles which stop boats from hitting the pier walls). I painted the kiosk white on the inside and outside. I'd like to put some lights and interior in eventually. 

I finished the evening with painting exposed areas of the ply with a mix of student acrylic raw sienna and burnt umber. This will create a base colour for when the grass is put down. I'm not sure as to whether I put some light ballast between the tracks or use more Das to give the impression of a light branch where the track has sunk into the ground.  However, here is the section that I've been working on. 
I think the jetties and pontoon might need a bit of weathering down to lighten up the timber. I've used a spare jetty to create a loading platform for the dairy.

This week is pretty busy. I won't have any time tomorrow and Tuesday could be a bit tight. I'm hoping to keep going with some more cobblestones. 

Until next time. 

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