Sunday, 23 October 2016

More Ballast

The heading sums up the work today. I thought that I could ballast all the points but one was being a bit tricky. I tamp the ballast down with an old paint brush and carefully glue the ballast down. I change the points to check that it is all going well. It did for most but one jammed. I spent a bit of time on that point trying to free it up. Eventually I did but I called it quits after that. It will give me something to do tomorrow. 

Now the main platform is complete it can now be ballasted too. The plywood in the distance is awaiting Das cobblestones.

This week isn't as busy as last week so hopefully I can get some more done. One job that I would like to do is to hook it up to the main layout. The static grass I ordered is due in a couple of days so there could soon be quite a change.

Until next time.

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