Friday, 27 April 2018

Now Adding Water

I started adding the Mod-Podge for the water.

This is just a thin coat. When it dries, I put another over the top and build it up.

In other stuff...

Went on a bit of a tour of the Sydney Trains network yesterday. Here are some photos from the day. I enjoyed riding on the S-sets. The trip to Carlingford reminded me of the old days when the lights trip and the carriage goes dark for a little while. They're not long for the network now. I think they run on weekdays only as the TripView app had Millenium sets on the weekends.

Enjoy the pictures. Until next time.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Some More Gardening

Here's my problem.

I didn't do a good paint job on the station building. The outside is great but it doesn't stop light coming through the plastic. I made the building two years ago and since then, I have learned one or two things. I painted the inside with thick coats of paint. This is working but I can't reach above the installed windows. You can see the light leaking out in the image below. I probably would have been better off not doing anything in the first place.

Now I feel the need to somehow block the bits of wall where the light is coming through at different strengths. Hopefully this would make it look prettier as well. The solution is a garden.

Using some scrap Wills stone wall left over from the wharf walls, I fashioned two garden beds. You can see them in the image above.

I painted them and then filled them with some foamy stuff which came with the plants. See below.

The garden beds are about 2mm high and 2mm wide. The next step after painting the foam brown, was to attach them to the building and fill them with flowers.

The plants are a mix of Noch laser cut plants and plants from MP Scenery Products. I bought up big during the Liverpool Exhibition a few years ago and like most kits we think we will need one day, the end up sitting in a box somewhere.

Now the front of the station building looks like this.

If you look inside the station master's office you can see a couple of posters, a set of drawers and a fire extinguisher. Leaning up against the toilets to the right is a green bike. The hedges were glued down as well.

Another thing that you can't see is the paint on the wood on the side of the layout. It's a bit of an Indian red shade of brown.

The final thing to comment on today is my swaggy. He now has a jumbuck in his tucker bag.

The tucker bag is a Model Scenes mail bag which was give a quick coat of Model Master wood paint. I have to say that I am loving my conversion from enamel paint to acrylic paint. It dries so quickly. Some other bags were painted a light shade of brown for the station.

Can I fit in a squatter mounted on his thoroughbred or troopers one, two, three? I don't think that I have enough room in this part of the layout.

Want to know the real story behind Waltzing Matilda? Check out this episode of Richard Fidler's Conversations from ABC Radio. I heard it a couple of years ago and found it fascinating. Find it here:

Until next time.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Station Work

Today, I painted the inside of the station building. I reckon it'll take a couple of days to dry as I brushed it on before I can do another coat. There maybe many coats.

The next bit of work which was really simple was to make a hedge. It's made but not glued on as I need to be able to move the station building to paint the inside but it is ready to glue into place.

I used some scatter material which I had bought years ago when Peter Leggett's Asquith Model Railways was around. I had been convinced to buy some really coarse stuff as  would need  a mix of textures. It had been sitting in a box for years. Now I had a chance to use it.

How did I make the said hedge?

I'll let this bloke below tell you, after all, I got the idea from him.

Here's the result.

Might be time to light a fire and put the billy on.

Until next time.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Lots of Stuff

I was talking to a mate today and he said that it would be good to finish my layout as not many layouts get finished. Is a layout ever finished though?

My plan for finishing by 26th April won't come into fruition. This is because of the way that I want to add the water. I'm going to use Mod Podge. I've used PVA before and built it up with layers. I've seen demonstration using Mod Podge on the internet. At the Forrestville Exhibition in March, one of the exhibitors said that he thought it had a better shine than PVA. The tutorial suggests that all of the scenic flock stuff be sorted out first and then add a layer of Mod Podge every day for ten days.

That's going to make me miss the deadline.

I'm not too worried though. I've been marching on regardless.

The easiest thing to sort out was the cattle dock. I decided that one of those English styles on a platform would be good. The cattle dock is one bogie wagon long and about an inch wide. 2.54mm isn't very wide. There have also been some mention of late in the US modelling press about how useful it is to model a cattle yard on the edge of your layout. This was my plan for this siding all along. The platform offers protection for the BCW from the big abyss and floor. I used a bit of timer from an old control panel which was the right length, some tarmac and brick paper previously downloaded from Scalescenes and some fence which were part of a job lot donation which someone was giving away on Facebook. The cows came from the same lot as well. They won't be there all the time.

The interior of the station building is sort of complete.

The walls were painted and then glued together. The bit on the left is with the painted middle layer to provide a door. The bit on the right is before it gets assembled. I found some ole travel posets online and reduced them to an appropriate size.

Lights were installed but not hooked up. A couple of people were added to the station - one in the waiting room, one buying a ticket and a station master selling a ticket. The whole thing was lightly glued into place.

The station sign was made using a Model Scene station sign but I haven't taken a picture of that. The station furniture has been painted and awaiting placement.

The next task was to put in more lights on and then make them work.

Done. The station lights are great. The warm yellow lights are great in the station building and under the milk depot shelter. The lights on the fish co-op and the fish and chip shop can be seen from space.

There was one other problem too...

It's a rookie mistake but the paint doesn't block out the light so it comes through the plastic walls. I'll need to paint the interior with some of the Railey cream paint. I also didn't add too much detail to the interior of the station master's office as you couldn't see much. With the lights on, now you can. This will need more work.

With the lights working, the swaggy can now boil his billy.

The fire is a tea light candle LED. A regular exhibitor at exhibitions, Ian Williamson, told me this idea. He'd placed one inside a 44 gallon drum with holes drilled into it. The effect was good and cheap to create.

Until next time.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Interior Design

There has been a little bit of slow progress it would seem, but the time on the layout has been ticking over. 

I've been working on the interior of the station building. Using the Peco interiors as a template I have made my own out of 20 thou card.

The idea is to have two side of the wall with a piece in the middle for the door. The walls will be Railey Paints cream and the doors will be Floquil Boxcar Red to match the rest of the trim details of the building. I found that I needed to paint he benches the same colour. The green wouldn't match so I had to paint some more.

I reckon that there are four rooms in the building. The station office, the waiting room, the passage way where you buy your ticket and the ladies toilet. There will be no detail in the last room. The others however will need something. A bench, a desk, somewhere to sell tickets. I want to light the building so the wires could come up to the roof through the Ladies Room.

The floor was cut and painted using some Humbrol brown.

I don't want a consistent cover on this as it should represent a timber floor.

My thoughts on assembling all this is to glue this to the station top. Glue the lights and walls in the building. There is enough tension to hold it in place. If not then maybe a couple of spots to glue it down. But then, the interior furniture could be exposed when the layout is moved if the building is not glued down. I might need a cup of tea and a sit down to think about this one.

An other job which I have been slowly working my way through is a ticket office for a large station building. I building is part of the Gosford City Model Railroad Club which meets up at Kincumber. Most of the detail here won't be seen as it will be viewed from outside the building and from behind.

The posters are from a quick image search of travel posters. Some of them are of interesting places. I'd like to go to Winterfell one day. It sounds like a nice place. The timetable is from another image search. The departures board on the back wall is from Kings Cross. I took a photo of it when I was there a number of years ago. I had to do some jiggery-pokery on the image as it wasn't as straight on as I had originally thought

 And one last thing... April is that time of year for the annual pilgrimage to Maitland. It was great when we arrived just before 9 am. Platform 1 had CPH railmotors, Platform 2 had 3642 and its train, Platform 3 had 620/720 railmotor set and Platform 4 had 6029. It was great to set the Garrat again. Here's a short clip from the day.

Sadly, no Garrat will be seen at Billabong Marina.

Until next time.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

If I Could Turn Back Time

Happy Easter!

If I could turn back time... then I would not paint my crane yellow. That task wasted a couple of days.

The crane is finished.

Isn't that crane the same colour as before? No the luffing jib is yellow. Our eyes are attracted to bright colours. There is a reason why the golden arches are yellow with a red background. The first coat of paint for the crane indicated that being all over yellow would be too eye catching. I want people to look at the layout, not just the crane.

There is a lot of art and design that goes into model railways, whether we realise it or not. How many times have we moved things about so that they look good? We position our buildings, our vehicles, our figures so that they look just right.

If you look at the image for long enough, you'll see what I mean. The viewer of the model railway will notice that there is a bright yellow jib which would look better in grey. I really couldn't agree more. However, model railways always involve compromise. Therefore, as I don't want to keep rebuilding the crane, part of it is yellow so that the operators notice it and don't knock it over.

Another task finished yesterday was the barge. It is hard to see in the image above and in its spot on the layout, you need to look down on it as well. The next task is working on the interior of the station building.

Until next time.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Somethings Aren't Meant to be Yellow

I gave the crane the first coat of yellow yesterday. I really wish that I hadn't. I'm not going to put a picture up as that would be the picture that's shown on other blogs as a preview.

I spent time working on the barge this evening. It to is a bit bright. I based the colour scheme on a sort of local barge company. It's almost finished.

Until next time.