Sunday, 11 December 2016

Today, I Play.

I took a break from doing stuff and ran a train.

I enjoyed watching it go around. Enjoy the clip below.

Until next time.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Oil Depot and Bakery?

Here's the oil depot ready to paint. The door that I cut out is a bit rough but I reckon that I can hide that from view with a bloke moving oil drums. I'm not sure what colour it should be.

And here is the start of the bakery.

The old Dapol parts were soaked in hot water and then flattened but they are still a bit lively. They may need further bracing. I'm not sure whether a bakery is the right industry for this building though. I might need a rethink.

Until next time.

Monday, 5 December 2016

More Painting

From yesterday's list, items two and three are done. The mystery industry and the dairy shelter are painted.

The rear doors still need painting for the mystery industry.

I painted the trunks of a couple of palm trees to hide the plastic sheen. I'm wondering about a fence on the edge of the layout where my swagman and coolabah tree are going. The fence may crowd the scene. At the moment I've plonked a a sheep and a dog where the swaggy will go.

Until next time. 

Saturday, 3 December 2016

A Little Shelter

This weekend I had two goals. The first was tidy up the shed a bit. Sadly I am a messy worker. Not matter how hard I try, I don't seem to keep it neat.

The second goal was to work out the covered loading area for the dairy. This is a 3D print kit off eBay. It wasn't very much so I thought that I would give it a go. With a little modification, it works out perfectly. The piece of wood will need to be shortened and covered in brick card and painted. Once in place I can then put down some grass.

The other image is of the buildings to come. I'm not sure that the green tree needs to be that tall. It also sticks out a bit and will be too close to the trains. You might also notice the purple tree on the right. It's my attempt at a jacaranda. 

I found setting goals for the week handy. This week I would like to:
1. Start on the oil depot building.
2. Paint the ends of the engine sheds which will form an unknown industry.
3. Paint the covered roof of the dairy.
4. Install lights under the dairy covered roof and run the wires through some copper tubing to under the layout.
5. Paint the oil depot building.
6. Glue the dairy, oil depot and mystery buildings into place.

These things will be hard as I know that I have an AGM on Tuesday evening from 7 until ???, Wednesday is a work event until 8 pm and Thursday is the rerun of the work event until 9 pm. Friday night I want to head up to my club on the coast as I won't have been for a couple of weeks. So, the 15 minutes might be hard to come by this week.

Tomorrow is looking okay though.

Until then.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Gardening and Other Business

I finished off the other greenery around the marina. In the efforts of sustainability, I planted a lemon tree near the Fishy McFishface fish and chip shop.

The interior of the kiosk can wait for a while. 

I also started on a couple of more industries. I have two Dapol engine shed kits with the idea to use them for the bakery which is on the back of the layout at the other end from the oil depot. I wanted something that wagons could be shunted into and under part of the main layout but could be sealed of if being used as a stand alone layout. The swinging doors of the engine shed seemed like a good idea. I could use the side walls to make a two storey building with a loading platform and have the front of the engine shed sticking out from the edge of the scene by a couple of centimetres. I probably could have done this with one kit but I had an idea to use the rear of the buildings as the rear of buildings on some more very low relief. I made a start tonight.

Until next time.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Nothing Much To See Here

Today's efforts aren't that exciting. I put the glazing in the boats and I put some static grass on the inside of the track next to the marina. That's task 5 done and task 3 done. I've moved the marina items until I can recover the excess static grass and put down some other shrubbery.

Here's a picture.

Until next time.