Tuesday, 25 October 2016

More cobblestones.

I forgot to post last night. When I remembered, I tried to use the phone app but it kept crashing when I was typing the heading.

Yesterday I spent a bit of time roasting some veggies. This gave me more than 15 minutes as they roasted. It was spent applying Das and tamping out cobblestones.

Today's work was a little shorter and I spread the Das between the tracks. I ran a screwdriver along the inside track to remove the clay before I tamped out the stonework. I made sure that I was pressing away from the tracks when I pressed down.

The top of the image is yesterday's work and the darker clay between the tracks was finished minutes ago.

The odd length of rail is for the travelling crane. There will be a matching rail on the other side of the track when hose stones are put down.

Things might be a bit tight time wise tomorrow and certainly on Friday. In sure that I'll be able to squeeze something in.

Until then.

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