Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Some Stairs

Today's effort was short. The first task was to install a new point to the left of the far station to provide access to a new siding which will be on the main layout. The siding will go to some grain silos. Trains on the main layout will shunt off the main and propel empty hoppers for loading into the station. The rail tractor at the marina will swap the hoppers over.

The other task was to assemble a set of steps with a railing. I picked up a pack of stairs and ladders from Hobbyland in Hornsby a while ago and were placed in one of those hard to find safe places.  These will need painting which I hope to get to on Saturday. The brick work on the platform needs a bit of work. 

Tomorrow will be tight but I hope to sort out the jetties, especially as I found the box with these in while looking for the stairs. 

Until then. 

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