Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Bombo's Finest

Yesterday I was able to pop into Hobbyland in Hornsby to check out what ballast they have and picked up a couple of bags of Bombo ballast. My mate's father in law used to work there. The colour is a real dirty brown and just perfect for old dirty ballast that you would find on old branch lines and sidings if they were ballasted. They had a really fine grade which was even better. 

Tonight in my fifteen minutes ( more like half an hour), I ballasted a short section of track.

The point took the longest as I needed to make sure that I didn't get grit or glue in the wrong places like my last ballasting effort. For the glue I used a 1:3 ratio mix of Mod Podge Matte to water with a couple of drops of detergent and applied it with a 6 mL medicine syringe from the local chemist, except with the ballast inbetween the point blades. Here I used the handle of a fine paint brush. I dipped it into the glue and touched the ballast. As the glue is "wet", it runs freely off the brush and through the ballast.

I have ordered some static grass so it will be able to fill in the ply bits soon. I probably should spend fifteen minutes soon testing my static grass applicator. 

Tomorrow night I will put down more ballast and Das clay on the wharf front.

Until then.

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