Thursday, 30 November 2017

Here's One I Started Earlier

There are alway little tutorials and articles about making trees.

Here is mine. And... here is a tree that I started earlier.

I got some wire from somewhere ages ago. It's thin and I thought that it would be good for a tree. I cut about 40 cm of the wire and folded it in half. Next I twisted the wire to form branches. Then I put it in a box for two years while I rebuilt the layout that it was being made for. After a couple of years I found it again and thought that it would be a good tree for my swagman to sit under while he boils his billy and shoves a jumbuck in his tucker back. It's going to stand about 15 cm tall. It's not really that big but it might look out of place where it is going.

The wire was very flexible so I reinforced it with a bit of solder. When it cools down a bit, the tree will receive a couple of coats of watered down no more gaps.

Until next time.

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