Monday, 6 November 2017

All Quiet on the Waterfront

Mates are great. Especially the ones who come up to you and say, "I haven't seen any updates on your blog." They are the type of mate who keep us accountable.

What has been happening?

To be honest I've had a few distractions on other activities. I've loyal to my fifteen minute philosophy, just not loyal to the little layout.

However, I have been making some piles... or bollards. I'm not sure what they're called. Last year I painted three lengths of balsa dowel with weathered black. I cut them to size and filed around the top for that chamfered look. This meant that bare balsa was now exposed. When I tried to paint it white, it didn't work. My solution was to put a peg on them where the white shouldn't be and spray them with some white primer. I had to give them a couple of coats.

Here they are drying.

While that was going on, I looked deep into the waters.

The water was so disgusting, not even the boats wanted to go in.

I gave the water a good scrub but it didn't get rid of all of the dirt. I have a small (really small) amount of this paint left so I gave it another light coat with an dish sponge. I cut the sponge up so that I could fit it into the sample pot of paint. It is pretty old and the colour or range no longer available. A little bit of work and it now looks like this:

There's a bit of a colour cast which gives the image a yellow tinge.

After the piles or bollards have dried the needed to be painted grey again and fixed up. I trimmed a few for my ferry pontoon and glued them in place.

I'm still painting the other 40 piles/bollards for the rest of the wharves.

Until next time.

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