Saturday, 12 November 2016

Sometimes Progress Moves Quickly, Other Times, She Snoozes.

It was mentioned to me that the post hasn't been updated since Monday. I've had to be a bit liberal this week with my fifteen minutes. Tuesday was spent in a hobby shop buying paint and styrene. The paint is for the diary doors and the styrene is for the fish co-op which is on the same side of the harbour as the dairy.

Wednesday was spent with another coat of paint on the windows and I started the doors.

Thursday was much the same. But i had to deal with some over painting issues. I used the same tin of paint that I use for my bricks to paint over the wrong paint and noticed that the paint from the tin was darker. The reason was that when I painted the dairy ages ago, I purposely left some white paint in the airbrush to tone down the bricks. Check out the difference below.

I painted a few patches on to see if I could blend them in a bit. I decided to repaint he whole brick work again. The top floor and left section was Wednesday night. I finished it on Thursday. Below it is in place on Friday.

Saturday was a busy day and this morning I am tackling bits that you probably won't see. It's those little bits under the top of the window frame.

There was a bit of retouching and retouching to do. I know a bad workman blames his tools. I normally blame the lack of skills and knowledge for myself but in this case my top quality paint brush sadly no longer cuts the mustard. It has served me well. It's now as shabby as an old toothbrush. Next time instead of buying one, I'll buy two or three. In the meantime, the paint work on the dairy is done. I need to put up a sign for the Sapphire Coast Dairy Co-op and start work on the tin roofed awning. And paint the fence. And paint the tanks... and the back scene maybe...

Until next time.

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