Saturday, 5 November 2016

Down at the Dairy

I spent a bit of time today with the Walthers Interstate Fuel and Oil kit open. I think by the end of the kit I will have used it in at least three different industry sites. Two of these will be on Billabong Marina. The fuel depot is an obvious location  and I will be using the ends of a couple of tanks and a wall of the depot building here. I have already used the two standing tanks on other layouts and will recycle them on the main layout. The last venue is the dairy. While looking at dairies I found that they have large tanks to store milk. At least I think that is what they are for. A good example of this is at Casino in NSW. I have been past that dairy a couple of times and it can be seen easily on Google Earth's street view.

While I could have built a couple more tanks for the dairy, the extreme low relief means that they won't fit. The solution was to cut the parts in half and put them together. Here they are with the fences propped up. 

A bit of off white paint and they will look the part. It wasn't too difficult, just time consuming. I am beginning to think that similar treatment with silver fuel tanks, but not as tall, might be a good idea to give some height to the fuel depot.

Tomorrow night I will carry on with some more window painting.

Until then.

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