Saturday, 19 November 2016

Messing About in Boats

Many thanks to Ratty from Wind in the Willows for today's title.

Work and paperwork that goes with it has got the better of me this week and restricted the daily update.

However, there was still some 15 minutes a day of model work going on. 

Finally some black card was placed behind the windows of the dairy. The tanks for the milk were painted white (this took a couple of coats over a couple of days) and the tanks for the fuel depot were painted silver.

Friday to Sunday saw some time messing about in boats. I dug out the boxes of boats from the harbour kit and did some painting. Here's the result.

I haven't finished all the details and if you zoom in you can see the blue tac holding people in place. In the marina area there is still a heap of things to do:
1. Paint the benches brown.
2. Paint the kiosk blue. I was thinking two or three shades. Maybe some fish if I get excited.
3. Stick a sign on the kiosk.
4. Put a menu board on the kiosk.
5. Deck out the interior of the kiosk.
6. Install lights in the kiosk.
7. Pain the oars for the row boats.
8. Install lights on the marina (and the platform).
9. Add some greenery around the marina.

I was going to build a boat shed (roughly underneath where the blue rail tanker is in the top photo) but I think that would crowd out the space too much.

I'm about to start week seven of the 15 minute a day challenge and I reckon this list will give me some ideas for my fifteen minutes.

I reckon that this week I should try and run a train or two on it as well.

Until next time.

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