Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Sign Writing

What you can't see is the glazing added to the windows from Peco points packaging. As soon as I find the black cardboard, I'll place that behind. I still want to try to paint the backscene so the building will be blue-tacked on until that is done. However, today's effort is the sign. It was made using Publisher and printed on photo paper and sprayed with a matte varnish.

I bought a couple of structures of eBay which I hope will be a good cheap solution to the awning. 

I was also thinking of what I could do in my spare siding at the rear of the layout. It has the potential to store a few wagons underneath the higher levels of the main layout. If the layout is moved then it might need something to stop the wagons from falling off. I reckon that I might be able to do something with a Dapol engine shed.

I should be able to get 15 minutes tomorrow. Thursday and Friday will be a different kettle of fish. Saturday and Sunday should see some time caught up.

Until next time.

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