Sunday, 22 April 2018

Station Work

Today, I painted the inside of the station building. I reckon it'll take a couple of days to dry as I brushed it on before I can do another coat. There maybe many coats.

The next bit of work which was really simple was to make a hedge. It's made but not glued on as I need to be able to move the station building to paint the inside but it is ready to glue into place.

I used some scatter material which I had bought years ago when Peter Leggett's Asquith Model Railways was around. I had been convinced to buy some really coarse stuff as  would need  a mix of textures. It had been sitting in a box for years. Now I had a chance to use it.

How did I make the said hedge?

I'll let this bloke below tell you, after all, I got the idea from him.

Here's the result.

Might be time to light a fire and put the billy on.

Until next time.

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