Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Some More Gardening

Here's my problem.

I didn't do a good paint job on the station building. The outside is great but it doesn't stop light coming through the plastic. I made the building two years ago and since then, I have learned one or two things. I painted the inside with thick coats of paint. This is working but I can't reach above the installed windows. You can see the light leaking out in the image below. I probably would have been better off not doing anything in the first place.

Now I feel the need to somehow block the bits of wall where the light is coming through at different strengths. Hopefully this would make it look prettier as well. The solution is a garden.

Using some scrap Wills stone wall left over from the wharf walls, I fashioned two garden beds. You can see them in the image above.

I painted them and then filled them with some foamy stuff which came with the plants. See below.

The garden beds are about 2mm high and 2mm wide. The next step after painting the foam brown, was to attach them to the building and fill them with flowers.

The plants are a mix of Noch laser cut plants and plants from MP Scenery Products. I bought up big during the Liverpool Exhibition a few years ago and like most kits we think we will need one day, the end up sitting in a box somewhere.

Now the front of the station building looks like this.

If you look inside the station master's office you can see a couple of posters, a set of drawers and a fire extinguisher. Leaning up against the toilets to the right is a green bike. The hedges were glued down as well.

Another thing that you can't see is the paint on the wood on the side of the layout. It's a bit of an Indian red shade of brown.

The final thing to comment on today is my swaggy. He now has a jumbuck in his tucker bag.

The tucker bag is a Model Scenes mail bag which was give a quick coat of Model Master wood paint. I have to say that I am loving my conversion from enamel paint to acrylic paint. It dries so quickly. Some other bags were painted a light shade of brown for the station.

Can I fit in a squatter mounted on his thoroughbred or troopers one, two, three? I don't think that I have enough room in this part of the layout.

Want to know the real story behind Waltzing Matilda? Check out this episode of Richard Fidler's Conversations from ABC Radio. I heard it a couple of years ago and found it fascinating. Find it here:

Until next time.


  1. Like the garden. Another suggestion, which might fix your unwanted light problem. Install some platform lights on the outside of the building, which could hide any light shining through the walls Happy experimenting

  2. Thanks Rob. Unfortunately, the bit that is noticeable is right on the edge of the layout. Something to remember for the next layout.