Friday, 22 September 2017

Time for a beer.

The Tower Ale House is now open for business. So far it has five patrons, three upstairs enjoying the view and two down stairs. There are also a couple of old timers playing draughts (or checkers). The signs were printed on glossy photo paper. The first batch were hit with a matte spray by Dulux and resulted in splotching. The second lot were hit with Micador Matte spray and had a better finish. The Dulux can is now gone. The signs were cut out and then the white edges coloured with a red Sharpie. There was some bleeding along the edge which affected the signs. As I am now out of photo paper, I decided that it wasn't too bad. Everything was glued down. The little advertising sign which is standard copy paper is as solid as a rock. I decided not to light the Ale House. The join with the cobblestone might cause light leakage.

The only problem with this picture... no beer. Something to work out later.

I finished the small section of grass and added some clumps about the place. The only thing I need to work on from the last list is the sign for the bakery. Then this section of the layout is pretty much finished.

Then it will be time to head back to the marina.

As I like lists, here's the next one:

1. Bakery sign.
2. Detail the Fish and Chip Shop.
3. Glue down tables and benches.
4. Make a sign for the Marina platform.
5. Make a shelter for the platform. I may already have something.
6. Paint oars for the rowboats. (This is from way back and I still haven't done it.)
7. Paint my swagman.
8. Build a campfire for the swagman. Hopefully this will be lit.
9. Install a coolabah tree. (I might need to make this first.)
10. Clean up the green paint for the water.
11. Install the piles for the boats to rub against instead of the walls.
12. Install passenger pontoon and stairs.
13. Install timber walkway between tracks near station for ferry passengers.
14. Glue down marina jetties.
15. Add water.
16. Add a couple of small cranes.

This will keep me going for a while.

Until next time.

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