Saturday, 2 September 2017

Google Street View On a Model Railway

Some clever boffins at Google have created street view of Hamburg's Miniatur Wunderland. Check it out here:

I can't say that I'd be up for that sort of effort on my layout (I need some streets first) but if you're thinking about how it was done, then check out this clip.

As far as my efforts go, it has been a week of painting but not much dramatic progress. However, having said that the warehouse has been given enough coats of paint. It needs one or two touch ups, glazing, black cardboard so you can't see the backscene and a sign.

Another section of cobblestones were out in as well. This time they were put in in the curved section of track. To help with clearance the Das Modelling clay was scraped out from the track with a small screwdriver. Next an old Lima wagon with large flanges was used to check clearances. Often called cookie cutter wheels, these wheels cut through the clay nicely, showing what else needed to be removed. 

Once that was sorted, my VR van was used for one final check.

The next step is to finish off the cobblestones between the track and the side backscene.

Here's my list for the next week.

1. Finish cobblestones.
2. Paint cobblestones.
3. Glaze warehouse, black out windows and put a sign on it.
4. Paint the fences which still need painting.
5. Install fences.
6. Install warehouse.
7. Finish off static grass.
8. Sign for the bakery.
9. Work out how to hide the bracket in the above image.

I have a busy week with stuff on every evening but I reckon that I can knock a couple of these things off.

Until next time.

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