Sunday, 4 June 2017

Things that slow down progress.

My fifteen minutes a day working on Billabong Marina has taken a right hammering over the last six months. The layout is over twelve months old and it's not yet finished. I have had a few distractions.

I'd like to say that the main one is work. Generally from the end of April to the end of June, I'm pretty busy with work stuff. Yet to be fair, I was a lot busier last year. That was when I introduced the 15 minute modelling workout. Perhaps I haven't been busy enough to feel the need to schedule in some hobby time.

I'm also working on a large building for the club that I attend in the coast. This thing is bigger than I thought it would be. It's being constructed from DPM modular bits and a Peco overall roof. Progress is slow on this too.

My workspace needs cleaning. There are tools and bits and bobs everywhere. Sadly, I am not a tidy worker. I have challenged myself this month to keep my desk tidy everyday at work. The group that I work with reckon that it can't be done. The train room is a bit messy too. I have spent many valuable 15 minutes or more tidying that up. Tonight was a couple of hours work while I moved a shelf and put things away. It's looking better now.

I've also had a couple of breaks. One was to Kangaroo Island and return via Victor Harbor (spelt correctly). Here's a picture.

However, the main distraction is the main layout. It goes around the room two and a half times and then comes back again. From memory, I've posted a video on this before. There is still a lot of construction to finish but I thought that I would stop. I can run an operating night or two with what I have.

But what's been happening down at the Marina?

I put up a backscene behind the bakery and stuck a continuation of the photo on the main backscene.

I'm thinking that a well placed chimney will be able to hide the bracket.

They other time consuming project is the fish co-op.

It's made out of brick. Most of these building that I have seen around are either timber or corrugated iron. I was thinking of a wooden building but I came across a couple of packs of Walthers Cornerstone Modular bits. I love these kits. They are easy to work with. My main station building on the last layout is to be constructed from these kits and the sections have been put away ready for the new layout.

The problem with these kits is that you needed four separate kits for one building. The parts that everybody runs out of are the wall columns and caps. I once rang every hobby shop in Australia trying to find some for a small exhibition layout and ended up having to order from Canada. I have some for this job but not enough for a couple of other projects. There just were never enough parts in the pack for a decent building. It was probably the downfall and the kits are no longer made.

I figured that I could substitute some Evergreen strip for the columns and caps. Part 360 which is .060 x .312" or 1.5 x 7.9mm, I found to be the best substitute.

Five sections cover most of two MRC or TRC vans but it is a tight fit. The width is narrower than it should be and I had to trim the lip off the platforms. If it is positioned correctly then a VLX makes it safely past the building but it is a tight fit.

I reckon this will be the next project to focus on for a while as there is a bit to do before it is finished.

Until next time.

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