Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Almost finished something.

Two things I have thought about today. 1. I have to get better at before and after photos. 2. BluTac and rubber gloves don't mix.

Here is the after photo of the ute at the oil depot.

I wanted to to have a truck loading at the oil depot so I cut it in two to fit. I put a couple of full drums in the back. The two closest to the backscene are half height to cater for the wheel arches. I originally cut it in two but while writing this post I thought that I could do it just a little better. The tray was removed and filled with drums. It looked okay but before all the glue tried I went back to the layout and removed the tray from the backscene. I then cut the rear of the cab off and stuck it to the tray and then stuck it all back onto the backscene once more. The ute was a Micro Metals model which I bought from the Model Railroad Craftsman in Blacktown.

Before I painted this bloke below, he was wearing all grey, just like the bloke above. I put on my rubber gloves and thought that BluTac would be great to hold him up. BluTac is great and it doesn't stick to fingers but it does to rubber gloves. It was nothing dramatic just a little awkward and almost comical. 

This chap is now placed on the layout next to his chopped up ute discussing his load, or football with the other bloke. I was thinking while I was painting his long sleeve shirt blue that maybe in Australia he would be wearing short sleeves. In the sixties or seventies, maybe just a singlet or no shirt at all. Fortunately the oil depot promotes sun safe clothing so a long sleeve King-Gee shirt it is.

I reckon I might have finished the oil depot now. The dairy might be done too. The next step is to put down some static grass.

Until next time.

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