Sunday, 26 March 2017

Some Painting

I have to admit that the weather lately hasn't been convenient for airbrushing when I do all of this outside. I used to be able to to do this inside but I decided to build a layout where my workbench is.

I have been able to squeeze in some painting over the last week.

The bakery has been painted. The doors need another coat of yellow and the whole thing could do with a bit of dulling down. Then the windows need to be glazed, backed with black cardboard, like the dairy, and then glued to the layout. But... before that happens I'm going to add a backscene to that side of the layout. It will be 6 cm taller but will provide a scenic divide from the top level of the main layout. I'm hoping that this will happen this coming weekend. I need to paint a backboard for the main layout too.

I was thinking of adding a platform and replacing the lower two windows with doors but I decided against it. It would mean  that when the yellow doors were open, one of these doors would obscure the loading platform and one of the doors to the platform. The wagons are shunted into the factory. If the layout is to be operated separately then the wagons can be parked in front of the yellow doors.

The other bit of painting was the oil depot.

I used Rustoleum white primer and hand painted a Humbrol brown on the doors and windows. They will need a couple of coats over the next couple of days. I should do something with the wood underneath too.

I reckon that lists are good as they can provide some goals for the week. Here are some things to do:

1. Paint the yellow doors and the brown doors.
2. Paint the ply under the oil depot to represent concrete.
3. Dull the bakery.
4. Ballast the line to the bakery.
5. Put some static grass down around the dairy and glue on some milk urns.
6. Get cracking on the backscene.

Until next time.

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