Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Modular Buildings

Here's the fish co-op ready to be painted. I have added an awning from the Walthers Cornerstone Modular Kits. They were in the roof packs but the awning angles were with the windows. The awning roof is flat. They were meant to be sloping but they stick out over the wagons. Past experience has taught me that they need to be more than one floor up or your vans won't fit underneath but this is a single storey building as the operator needs to reach over it to access some points - a slight design flaw. The bottom part of the angle is meant to be the top which attaches to the roofing. The part that sticks out at right angles from the building has another bracket underneath it. Cut that off and turn it upside down and you have a bracket that will stick out of the wall to hold the roof flat.

However, the roof sheets are designed to fit in between the columns, the columns that I have replaced with a near enough plastic strip. They have a couple of cut away bits to accomodate the brick columns. The bit that stuck out between the columns had to be removed before they were attached to the building. I originally planned on using six angles to support the roof but after a bit of fiddling around, I realised I would need the ten planned by Walthers.

The wall behind is part of a large station building for the club on the coast. I'm still building it lads. It is made from DPM modular bits. The wall columns come with the walls, something that Walthers could learn from. The Walthers kits fit together really well but component and convenience wise the DPM kits are better, although more expensive. The building in the background came from a couple of kits with a few extra components purchased.

I've just given the fish co-op a coat of primmer so the next post will hopefully have it painted.

Until next time.

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