Monday, 5 March 2018

The Big Push

Yesterday, I painted the oars for the rowboats. Today I glued them on. That job has been waiting to be done for over twelve months.

A couple of folks have mentioned that the blog isn't updated as often as it once was. That because progress hasn't been as quick as it once was. It's not that I'm forgetting my fifteen minute philosophy, it's that the extension (for want of a better word) has been taking up some of that time.

The layout is about to celebrate its second year of existence. It really should be completed by now.

It's time for a big push - to defeat distraction and apathy and drive home to victorious completion. 

I like lists and I reckon that this one might see me through to the end. In no specific order:

1. Add water.
2. Build the big crane for the wharf. (The one that is there has hit the ground once too many times.)
3. Build a little crane for the other end of the wharf.
4. Ladders on the wharves for boat folk to climb out.
5. Glue down the jetties.
6. Add swans.
7. Put a couple of benches on the pontoon for ferry passengers.
8. Finish the barge. 
9. Kit bash the tugboat into a cargo boat. (This one may need to be last.)
10. A tucker bag for the swagman.
11. Install campfire including LED for swagman.
12. Interior of the station building.
13. Lights and signs for the platform.
14. Platform furniture.
15. Hedge for the platform.
16. Hook up lights.
17. Glue down the final population.

I don't like to run to deadlines but I hope to get it sorted by the 24th April which will be the second anniversary of the start of this blog. That's seven and a half weeks away.

Until next time.