Saturday, 24 March 2018

Something To Sit On

I've been painting benches.

For the platform, I have used Tamiya's Racing Green. For the ferry pontoon, I have used brown and black. The benches were made by Peco. I had some red ones which I painted brown and black and some green ones which I painted... well, green. Was it worth it? Yes because it took away the plastic look of the benches.

I think that I need to put a pole on the pontoon with a life preserver ring, just incase one of my little people ends up in the drink.

I painted the crane as well using Model Masters Gunmetal. I have finally made the jump to acrylic paints and I wish that I had done this earlier. It was very nice paint to airbrush with.

I little bit of glue later and it's on the wharf ready to load some of those dodgy looking barrels onto a waiting boat.

That's three things off the list and another added.

Also on the list is the interior of the station building. I reckon that this cardboard interior might help. It only does the main passageway but it could make a good template to work from.

Until next time.

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