Sunday, 11 February 2018

Fitting out the Kitchen Part 2

After gluing bits of plastic together, I sprayed them with an old sample of Old Silver by Floquil. I've still some of that paint left and I must admit that I love using it. I then marked different fittings like door handles and knobs with a fine marker. With the drinks fridge, I searched for a suitable image on the internet and reduced the size and printed it on plain paper before using a glue stick to apply the image.

Here are the results.

The above images are before placement onto the layout.

This image doesn't look anything like is does now. Just before I typed this caption, I had a rethink. The good thing about writing up the blog straight after modelling is that sometimes you can change you mind before the glue set.

From the left is a storage freezer, next is a hotplate and oven, then a deep fryer and on the right, the drinks fridge. I have since reordered this. The two fridges are on the left. The hotplate is next followed by the deep fryer. Hopefully, this makes the drinks fridge more visible when looking through the serving window.

This is not the best photo but it gives an idea of what the inside looked like from the outside before the changes. I'd take another photo but my iPhone was on 2%.

One of the things to do is to install some lights so the bloke can cook his fish and chips.

The thing in his hand is a hammer - cos he's serving battered fish.

I was going to find another plastic person or cut off the hammer but after that gag, I don't think I want to.

Until next time.

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