Sunday, 23 July 2017

What goes in here?

The plan for plonking the fish building on the layout is simple. Glue it down, put the roof on and put down some Das clay for cobble stones.

The problem I have is what is going to happen inside the building? The interior would surely be concreted so I'll need to sort that out before I go much further.

The work over the last couple of days has been installing the brick work inside. This involved removing some locating plastic from the Wathers modular sections, ewhci took longer than I thought. The doors were given a coat of black paint on the inside as they let a bit of light through and a fair bit of time was given to trying to mark out the precise location of the building as clearance is way too tight. The joy of a micro layout with big stock.

I reckon I'll need to spend a bit of time on this situation this week. I might use some styrene.

Until next time.

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