Monday, 30 May 2016

Looking a bit better.

I'm not too chuffed about the paint job from yesterday. However, I reckon that most of the ugly spots could be covered over with rocks and weeds. 

I painted the base of the water this evening. I chose a green for of couple of reasons. It matches the algae on the Scalescenes Dock Edge and I already had it. I have used this colour a couple of times before. It's sort of the colour of the water around Circular Quay. I have used it on a couple of dockside layouts before. It might be the last as it is about to run out. I don't think that you can get these test pots anymore. The results are not too bad at all. 

The next step is to print out the dock surfaces and glue them on to the top so that it will give me the proper height for my dock walls. 

Until next time. 

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