Monday, 25 June 2018

Swanning About

I have to admit that I was wondering what happened to May, that I nearly missed June.

Here’s what has been happening.

I added swans. Being a Swans fan, it seemed appropriate.

The Modpodge which I used wasn’t too kind to me and you can see the bit that was added on top of the previous layer. I had. Some bubbles form as well. I think that the Modpodge became a bit thicker as I kept using it for the water. I have put another layer around to soften the difference but it is still noticeable.

Another thing which I thought that I should add were some troopers - or policemen.

I looked around for some suitable boys in blue and found a set of Austrian Policemen. They look a bit Victorian but with a bit of blue paint on their hats, they look more New South Wales.

I also painted some paramedics. The printed detail on them was fantastic.

Now they look blue.

They will need a silver reflective stripe on the legs and a couple of badges but that's a job for another day.

Until next time.


  1. Your swans look pretty effective, with the water rippling around them. They being white is unusual for an aussie scene, but your Austrian policemen will feel right at home. :-)

  2. Thanks Rob. The swans are Keroby models. Apparently they are an introduced species. I was tempted to put a red v on the front of them.