Monday, 13 February 2017

Adding Some Lights

The dairy is finally glued to the back scene. It was held on with Blutac. The wooden platform had a hole drilled into it and some warm yellow LEDs were stuck to the roof of the awning. (See below.)

The LEDs were from a man in a club. He had bought a whole heap of it in a role for the club and was passing extra bits onto members. The origins are from a popular internet auction site. They take 12V as they have a resistor integrated into the strip. I originally used so single core wire from a cat 5 cable. (The stuff that they once to use to wire computer networks at work.) This wire was too stiff so I used some thin hook up wire. They aren't the best colours but all I have to remember is that purple is positive.

To cover the wire I have some plastic H beam from an other project years ago. If I paint it grey it shouldn't look too out of place. Effectively, you won't seen it from the operating position and it you can, there will always be a wagon in the way. I haven't quite finished it off yet. I'll need to paint the H beam.

While I was waiting for the glue to dry at the dairy, I drilled a few holes and planted a couple of lights.

I placed two at the marina and one on the loading dock. As they are green, they don't seem to stand out that much.

Tomorrow, I will try to glue the awning down and glue on the white tanks for the dairy. You may notice that they aren't where they should be in the image above.

Until next time.

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